Thank you Brad for the amazing work with our two year old!!!

Prior to his time with you, he did not enjoy the pool or the water and would only be held by in the pool by a parent. After just a few weeks of ISR refresher lessons, he can swim-float-swim on his own from the shallow end to the deep end, has turned into a little fish in the water and has clearly developed competence which led to confidence. Most importantly however, we are so assured that in the event of an unforseeable accident he has skills to help him get to the surface, float or find a wall, and call for help. As you know, his skills were tested during the second week of his refresher lessons when he slipped and fell in the pool while reaching for a toy in the water. Amazingly, he stayed calm and aware and swam straight to the wall/pool steps where he stood up and we were able to pick him up. It was scary, but we were so grateful that he had skills to help him survive. Though he cried at the start of ISR lessons, your warm calming and comforting tone eased him and he really enjoyed his time with you, asking each day: “brad coming?” In addition, we also appreciated your patience and work with our five year old daughter teaching her basic crawl stroke combined with ISR float/breathing methods. Thank you Brad!!
— Nikki Morgan


We enjoyed working with Brad.

He was very professional and his guidance allowed us to continue building a bond between water and our child. He was very patient with our daughter who was 15 months old at the time of her lessons. He helped ease any of our initial fears. We look forward to working with him again next summer.
— Charlie Harris


We LOVED our experience with Brad at my baby swims and ISR.

The method of teaching babies and toddlers to swim is so amazing, and the results are nothing short of astounding. Our children are having so much fun in the water, and we feel so safe knowing that they have the skills to help themselves should an unthinkable accident happen. Additionally, we loved Brad’s warm and connective teaching. Our kids felt so safe and happy in the water with him, which was essential for us in choosing a teacher. Thank you!!!!!!
— Jamie Street


ISR swim lessons with Brad Hurvitz are by far the best decision I have made so far as a parent.

I am absolutely amazed that my 18 month old daughter is a capable underwater swimmer and floater after 8 weeks. I no longer have anxiety around the pool because she is able to float and swim to the steps and wall. Brad Hurvitz is a phenomenal teacher and a wonderful person to be around. He is extremely kind, supportive and effective in his teaching technique. My daughter loves him! If you want to relieve the anxiety associated with your children being around the water this summer and beyond give yourself gift of ISR lessons with Brad.
— liza digaetano


We owe it all to Brad.

My son began ISR with Brad at 10 months old. Brad not only reassured me along the way, but always did his best to make my son feel comfortable. I am amazed at how quickly he was able to float to on his own and am looking forward to continuing his swimming lessons with Brad. I love showing off Nico’s video floating away in the pool on his own, and we owe it all to Brad.
— Nathalia Valenzuela


Our son had an amazing experience with Brad!

We were on vacation in San Diego for 3 weeks and joined the JCC so our son and his cousins could have a place to swim. On a whim, with two weeks still left to our vacation, we signed Parker up for ISR swimming lessons. Brad is amazing with children and a gifted instructor. You can tell that he is “all in” and committed to each child he works with. In four sessions our son was swimming and is no longer afraid to put his head under the water. He went from crying on day 3 to smiling on day 4. By the end of two weeks he could float and swim to the wall (whilst smiling the entire time). He is by no means safe to swim on his own, but the strides that he made in such a short time with Brad amazed us. We will continue ISR lessons in Pennsylvania. I would highly recommend signing your baby/child up for swim lessons with Brad.
— Maureen Shuman


Sending the kids to learn from Brad was the best choice we could have made here in San Diego!

I have a 9 month old and a 3 year old and took both to My Baby Swims. They had been at a different swim school before for several months (over a year for my 3 year old) and I was very impressed at how much more progress we saw after just a couple weeks of swimming with Brad. It was really an amazing experience to watch my toddler and baby not only thrive in swim lessons but absolutely love swimming with Brad. From what I have seen at our past swim school and from the videos my friends have posted, sending the kids to learn from Brad was the best choice we could have made here in San Diego! Thank you Brad!
— Bryan Grissinger


Brad is possibly the most amazing teacher ever, period.

From day 1, he was able to make my son feel so comfortable. The first day, my son completely freaked out, but Brad adequately prepared us for what the lesson would look like and also gave us practical tips to help coach our son through it afterwards. Within a few days, my son was already making significant progress, and was beginning to swim by the end of the first week. Of course there was still a lot to learn, but by the end of the six weeks, my son who was terrified of the water before is swimming across the pool. Not only was he able to learn this life-saving skill (which in and of itself is priceless), but working with Brad has made a huge impact on his own confidence level in himself. Brad is patient, calm, and just an incredibly nice person, and the kids all love him. We are excited to continue working with him for maintenance lessons (mostly b/c our son just loves the experience) and we can’t wait to have our daughter take classes too. We highly highly recommend him!!
— Christina Peng


Brad did a wonderful job…

…of making my 15 month old grandson water safe throughout the 6 week lessons. Nash went from being totally uncomfortable in the water to being able to flip from his stomach to his back and float for a long time. Throughout all the lessons, Brad carefully watched for the baby’s reactions and movements, and informed us of things to watch for. He reminded us that even with this training, someone should have eyes on Nash anytime he is near or in water. He developed a great rapport with Nash. I would highly recommend him to any family who wants to give their child skills to help keep them water safe. Thanks, Brad.
— Ellen Hodgers


Brad is such an amazing instructor!!!

I HIGHLY recommend him.
— Michelle White


I can’t help but rave for Brad’s lessons with my daughter.

At one year old she is confident, stubborn and independent and I worried greatly about her safety as the weather was warming and we would be choosing our apartment pool for cooling off. In just 5 weeks I am certain that should the unthinkable happen and my daughter finds herself in the pool without me, she can and will float and yell for help. One of the most important investments I’ve made in my daughter’s safety. Thank you!
— Amanda Tregembo Fontenelle


We had such an amazing summer with Brad!

Both my 2 1/2 year old and my 15 month old took ISR swim lessons with brad. By the end of our lessons, my oldest was swimming across the pool, getting air when he needed it and getting to the side easily for safety. My 15 month old was able to turn onto his back and float in order to get air and also orient himself to the side/step then swim/kick there to get to safety! We are so pleased with our swim lessons, it was worth every penny! Thank you Brad!
— Kim C.


Brad is amazing!

Patient, calm and great energy. My daughter felt comfortable learning from him right away. She learned quickly and by the end was swimming and getting air on her own. We will be taking them again to develop her stroke and continue learning.
— Sadie K.