Starting ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) lessons is a significant step toward ensuring your child’s safety around water. However, you can begin preparing your child for safe pool time even before the first ISR lesson. Here are some practical steps parents can take at home to help their infants and small children get comfortable with water and start practicing safe pool habits.

1. Create a Positive Association with Water

Bath Time Fun:

Sing and Play:

2. Teach Basic Water Safety Rules

Set Clear Rules:

Model Safe Behavior:

3. Encourage Comfort with Water on the Face

Gentle Water Exposure:

4. Practice Floating

Back Floating:

5. Reinforce Listening Skills

Following Instructions:

6. Water Safety Education for Parents

Learn CPR:

Water Safety Resources:

7. Create a Safe Home Environment

Secure Pool Area:

Establish Safety Zones:

8. Gradual Water Introduction

Wading Pools:

Short, Frequent Sessions:


Preparing your child for ISR lessons at home sets the stage for a successful and enjoyable learning experience. By creating a positive association with water, teaching basic safety rules, and practicing fundamental skills, you can help your child develop the confidence and comfort they need for safe pool time. Remember, your involvement and consistent reinforcement of safe practices are key to your child’s success in the water. Start these practices today and give your child a head start in their journey to becoming water-safe.